Relocating to an Adult Care Center: Why I am Still Here

September 30th, 2021

I was supposed to transfer to a local adult care center this past weekend. But that never happened. So now it's...


The adult care center has not received proper documentation, nor my TB test results yet. Besides that, their computer system has been down all day, which means… they cannot confirm anything.

My primary physician's office does not have phone service available today. Or something. It sounds as though the line is dead (made 23 call attempts throughout the day, just to make absolutely certain). No email either. So I called the corporate office and left a message this morning. Why a message? Because there are no human beings available there either.

My case manager? Well, she was out of the office today.

*Please note that it did rain all day Sunday (with temperatures all the way down in the 60s) ..a rare event indeed. But was that enough to interrupt the phone lines, internet, and keep people away from the office? Well, apparently it was.

Tuesday: Mystery Solved

I tried calling my doctor's office again, this morning.. and finally, it sounded as though their phones were operational. After holding, I finally spoke with a live human being. As this "Lexi" person wasn't exactly sure what was going on, she intended to transfer me to my nurse. Somehow the call was unceremoniously dropped.

I called back another half dozen times covering several hours, and their phone lines seemed to be very dead and quite unresponsive each time.

Then I put my (finally back in the office) case manager to work..


My primary physician quit last week. And their office sort of.. lost track of things.. me included.


At a quarter to five, in the midst of a video call with my mother (recovering from surgery), a call comes in.

The phone number? Not recognized. Usually it's collections. But I don't have money (I'm currently unemployed). But I kinda figure it could be a "real" somebody with real news having to do with my real life scenario.

So I hastily explained to my mother that I'd call her back in a matter of moments.

I switched over to the incoming call. It's the Admissions Man from the care center. And he has news. So I listen in, but just as he's about to speak his truth, we are interrupted by a bleeping sort of noise... which momentarily blocks out the audio. I can no longer make out the Admission Man's words.

It's my mother, calling me on her video tablet. Then my mother hangs up. Audio restored! Then, within seconds, she tries reaching me again. And again. And again... Bleep, bleep, bleep..

I know my mother doesn't understand things, nor remember very well, but now is not the best time.

I explain to the Admissions Man that I am unable to hear him between the beeping. I further explain that it's my sometimes confused elderly mother trying to reach me. I am not certain that he hears me, but I think he says he'll call me back in two minutes. Or a few minutes.

But he never does.

So I called him a dozen minutes later, leaving another message.

The sun sets. I take my fourth very necessary nap of the day. My wife comes home. She explains that her on-the-job trainee was slightly more focused today. And that's good news. My wife hasn't had a day off since she experienced the joys of the coronavirus, back around New Year's. And once she gets this speed resistant woman up to speed…

My wife once again mentions that I still smell like Amoxicillin (I do, despite not having taken any since Saturday). Otherwise, things are okay. The cat is content. The condo is quiet.

Wednesday: The Sun Almost Rises

It's time to try again. So I called the adult care center and left another message. Hours later I received a return call. It's not the Admissions Man, it's Marta. Apparently, my guy is in California being trained or taught. Perhaps both. Marta promises he'll be back on Friday.

But I am concerned. I ask questions she cannot answer. She suggests she'll call the Admissions Man in California. She assures me. Then she reassures me. So I take several moments to rest assured while she's phoning California.

She calls back soon thereafter. My room is still available, but they've yet to receive any paperwork from my physician people. Nope, none at all. Either way, Admissions Man will call me first thing Friday morning, once he's back in town.

Queue the Thin Lizzy!

Riding Roller Coasters (this will not be a feature, but what the heck is going on here? Generally speaking, I am fairly stable. If I do not physically move, I usually get along fairly well.)

Monday - a decent day. One nap. Productive. Creative.

Tuesday - horrible awful day, felt as though I was hit by a truck- likely occurring as a result of my waking up mid REM sleep (6.2 hours sleep). Aching joints, muscle burn, feeling poisoned. I took four separate naps. A new daily record.

Wednesday - slept 4.5 hours and had a terrific fantastic awesome unbelievable day, at least in comparison to the previous day.

Thursday - feel poisoned again. Wiped out, exhausted, and fatigued. No rhyme, no reason. Is it the Augmentin/Amoxicillin wearing off?

I did have two spoonfuls of pickled relish yesterday, and the relish tasted slightly off. Not palatable at all.

In mild desperation, I've broken out the turmeric, ground cumin, and ginger powder. Experimenting with all three today, in super tiny tiny amounts.

Are most of you steady as she goes? Or do you fluctuate greatly from day-to-day?

I've never really paid attention to that aspect in others, so I am kind of wondering how that works... non-triggered, with same amount of sleep, physical movement, stress load, Etc.

Take care,


Blog, eh? Cool.

Steady as she goes? No, not very

There are hourly cycles, daily cycles, and the I did not Plan this, cycle.

23 phone calls, sounds like Health Care America.

They've had some extra practice, lately, so maybe things will soon start to go smoothly.

Once that thing: Paperwork....comes thru.
Yikes, this is a total run-around. Sorry!

I do fluctuate from day to day as well, with no apparent rhyme or reason.

You always sound so positive, it's hard to realize you have bad days. Hoping for more good days for you, @Howard.
Once that thing: Paperwork....comes thru.
Today should be the day of significance.. or something like that! Fingers crossed.

You always sound so positive,
People a lot smarter than I often suggest doing so, adopting positivity, visualizing success, and seeking out "the good" in every situation. Without doing so, I would likely crumble. And in most instances, crumbling is no fun!
A blog!
I love it!
Your writings are perfect for a blog!
I was so afraid you would quit writing, so I would never learn how the moving went, and how it is for you to live in a care- home…
We’re kind of moving together with you, you know.

I’ve never followed a blog before in my life…
This will be the first. And maybe the only.

(by the way, I’m up and down from day to day as well, for longer periods of time.

Mostly, I think, when life are stressful. It’s difficult to discover, I might feel that everyday has the same load of stress, but when I look back, at many many occasions, it seems like added stress load gives bigger fluctuations )
Steady as she goes. Nope

The most predictable thing about CFS is how unpredictable it is. I have improved over the last 5 years but the unpredictable component is still there..........just not as extreme.
I’ve never followed a blog before in my life…
This will be the first. And maybe the only.
No pressure, huh? I haven't followed a blog either, so I guess it'll be my first time as well! Geez, I hope I'm good at this.

I'll always keep writing, it's all about whether or not I decide to post what I write. What others may find entertaining or interesting is difficult to discern.

But in the least, I am looking forward to having more regular people interactions. As you know, that's always been a common desire of mine.

Hopefully each of us can get off of this roller coaster ride one day. :)

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