Recent health problems after stopping methylation (taken from forum)

I've moved this from the forum for my reference to have it all in one place.

Jul 8: Lately I've been having a hard time just getting out of bed. Still feeling wiped out in the morning and really am very slow to wake up. I have to force myself to open my eyes, try to let the light wake me up. I drag myself into the shower hoping it will wake me up. I can take 20-30 minutes just to get out of bed. Anyone dealt with this and what did you do/take? Thanks in advance.

Jul 9: Jarod, you might be on to something...I think that might be what got me into this mess. I did the steam room two days in a row. I've been a big fan of using the skin to detox. Wonder now if its too hot? (just read about Heat Shock Protein) or It could be viral die off from raising body temperature? I have felt "ill" without being ill if that makes sense. No other symptoms than really wiped out in the AM and a little twinge in the back of my throat where I'll get a sore throat with the onset of a cold.

Yesterday I tried a good dose of Mb12 which didn't help, later I took a potassium and B3 (hoping to slow methylation if that was a problem). That actually helped quite a bit. Took a charcoal cap today to hopefully help mop up my gut.

I had considered leaving a multi near the bed, taking it and waiting for it to kick in. Today was much better than yesterday. Still very slow to get up but was encouraging that it wasn't as bad.

Jul 11: Update: Thank you everyone for the replies. It was a very hard few days but I am feeling much better, I started taking 1-2 caps of activated charcoal per day. I have also been taking my B's separately (no multi's or b-complex). Taking no B12 and using p5p Sparingly. Taking a small dose of B1, B2 and Niacin and a full B5 cap. I didn't have hardly any problem getting out of bed this morning.

I surmise that my using the Steam room 2 days in a row caused a large die off. I usually get a charge out of the steam as Ema mentioned I might be getting a cortisol boost. But not these times. Its been about a year since I've been when I used to have my regular steam room sessions. Helped a ton getting me through the winters.

Jul 12: Anyway.... My sleep was shorter and interrupted by my barking dog last night. This morning was a little harder to get up than yesterday due to that I believe.

I also experienced quite a bit of anxiety this morning. Sometimes It seems due to my gut. As soon as I have my morning movement it resolves quite a bit. I haven't taken any P5P for the last 2 days and I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it. I don't know which symptom is harder, the lack of will to arise in the AM or the anxiety which also seems to be worse in the AM.

I got my p5p today (1/4 of a 25mg sublingual) and feeling a lot better. Anxiety is gone. I think I need to find some balance before I start SMP again. I was wondering if it's possible to start the methylation cycle and it takes off on it's own without supplement support? I've read some here that say when the supps stop the methylation stops. Does that happen pretty much for everyone?

Jul 31: Went on a beach holiday for the last week felt pretty good the entire time. Not much had changed except my stress level went way down. I tend to forget how important that is and what probably started me on this downward spiral was a time of prolonged intense stress. Today I awoke again to that feeling which feels like major "depression". I don't want to move, get up. Eventually I got the energy to get my multi vitamin and was feeling much closer to "my" normal within a few minutes. Leads me to think I've got some imbalance that is throwing off my brain chemistry to the extent I have a temporary major depressive condition.

Aug 1: Today was a little better but not much. Got 2 packages today, one from and the other from vitacost. Iherb had my Mrm "complete E", the vitacost had my Jarrow Pantehine. Took one of each and am feeling much much better. If the Pantethine is helping then it's most likely that my adrenals are wiped out in the morning causing my morning depression. Could explain why I did so much better on the vacation. We'll see!

Aug 2: Felt bad most of the day. Remembered the C helped so I took 2 about 4pm and felt much much better. I'm gonna assume it's adrenal fatigue and treat accordingly. Paba and Pantethine, Salt water and large doses of vitamin C.

Updated: 8/3/2013 - Before bed I took 2 more Ester C's figuring to give my adrenals another boost. Probably bad timing for that, at that hour they are naturally resting and shutting down. (Update: the extra C caused some type of die off that was evident today). Sleep was not so good, woke again feeling bad. Got up and took one of my "Jarrow" Multi_minerals. Withing a few minutes I was calm, relaxed and was able to return to sleep and got a quality hour! Decided to try to figure out which minteral(s) was helping. So I then took about 50mg potassium and layed back down. At first I felt a little better but then nothing. 15 minutes later up again took about 80mg Magnesium Glycinate, 10mg of zinc chelate and about 5mg iron. Layed back down and again felt really good. This time slept for another hour and a half.

Thus taking nothing other than minerals I was able to feel pretty normal. I have been taking B3 (not timed release) daily but I think I can assume methylation has been started and running on it's own? Causing a mineral depletion? (and a side of adrenal fatigue). That's the only thing that makes sense here, most likely a depletion of Mag and or Potassium?

Aug 4: Ok, today was near normal thank god! I had no problem getting up this morning. I left by my bedside the same things I took yesterday morning that helped me. I took them but didn't really need them like yesterday. I will stay this course and hope this emergency is over. Based on symptoms I have also decided my Pancreas is in need of some help. I took Pancreatin digestive enzymes with all food yesterday. I nibbled on one of my Mag-Glycinate tablets throughout the day and also had a scoop of fiber (Garden of Life, Super Seed: Beyond Fiber) trying to mop up what is happening in my gut and a single vitamin c tablet (500mg). Interesting that when I take a substantial amount of a binder I seem to go emotionally flat for a while. I'm also wondering if my gut has gotten so bad that I'm not absorbing many vitamins and esp. minerals from my food intake? I'm gonna have to do some more research and see if I can support the pancreas and get my bowels in better shape.

Aug 5: Not quite as good as yesterday but still better. I am wondering if I have developed exercise intolerance? I've been watching closely and my episodes may correlate with exercise. Yesterday went out on the kayak with my daughter, a bit of rowing, some higher heart rate, sweating and heavier breathing. I hope that's not it, wondering how that might have just decided to start if that is it?

Aug 9: Update: Pregnenolone is helping me get up but the minerals is helping even more. That blah feeling in the morning that seems to develop in the last hour or two of sleep is mostly helped my the minerals. I can wake at 6 or 7am (and probably should just get up then) and feel pretty good. When I go back to sleep that's when I degrade, my mind gets in a bad way. That feeling of I just don't want to move until I feel better is helped by the minerals. The Pregnenolone helps my will to get up. That "ok now" feeling that gets me out of bed even if I don't feel like I want to. The minerals make me feel good and want to get up if that make sense to anyone.

Here's what I was taking for minerals that helped:

I'm now taking minerals separately as I am not responding well to the Chromium or Vitamin D.

What I seem to know:
  • I am very toxic lately with a very fast transit time. Probably not absorbing much form my food.
  • I am in the verge of adrenal fatigue. I have been able to address this and not sure if my morning symptom is due to this. Depression comes along with AF.
What I'm not sure:
  • Is this due to my previous spinning up of the methylation cycle OR is it still going? I'm gonna experiment with taking Niacin and see what that does.
Mostly once I'm up I feel pretty normal during the day. Rising i the mornings has been very challenging.

Aug 14: I have reason to believe I am suffering from the methyl trap. I was reading the "B2 I love you" entry on the forum and tried a little B2 with a small amount of HCbl. Light a light switch had been flipped I felt terrific. Every symptom was either gone or dramatically improved. Most notably my depression and GI issues immediately reversed themselves. My gut was getting so bad I was ready again to try a very restrictive diet. The last 3 days were great, the effect didn't stay (maybe I need mfolate now?). Yesterday I just took B2 and did not get the effect. Today was just 1/4 tablet of HCbl and pretty good. Along with about 5mg Pregnenolone and some minerals that have been helping me in the morning.


"I was wondering if it's possible to start the methylation cycle and it takes off on it's own without supplement support? I've read some here that say when the supps stop the methylation stops. Does that happen pretty much for everyone?
For many of us myself included, there are genetic polymorphisms affecting the methylation cycle.. as taking supplements for a time dont change genes, many of us need to be on them for life.
Genes don't change but the expression of those genes can. I didn't have CFS my entire life but at one point I did. I even had it for about a year in my early 30's but recovered fully. Then again when I hit 40. The gene's didn't change but something (stress,virus, etc. perhaps) is activating expression of the polymorphisms. I understand that is why testing is important after SNPs are known to see if your body is expressing the polymorphisms.

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