Re-learning my CFS limits

So I have been working for 40h a week now, Week one did ok, week 2 in progress. So far I had 2 crashes. The first one was in a picnic, in the heat, ate ice cream and did everything I was not suppose to do. Only crashed for a few hours and rested on the weekend. Second crash was on Chinese food (IBS full swing, and the worse that can happen DID!!!!:oops: ). I have no idea what is going on but I am more sensitive to certain foods now.

I am fully on Rich's simplified protocol now, So far not much difference. I am trying to understand the difference between my OI symptoms Vs CFS. Today I feel no CFS extra symptoms at all, only a little tired. OI is better too. But I would say I am 80% now and exercise is very limited. I am still trying to do legs weights and Abs. But with working I am trying not to overdo, so exercise has suffered. I still do at least something every other day to keep the muscles going.

The side effects of the restart of immunovir are better too but it is time to increase doses today to 3 pills a day, so we will see.


My guess is you will last a few weeks before you really know what is happening overall. Hopefully, you will adjust and be fine. My prayers are with you!

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