I love the rain.

I used to go out in the midst of a downpour and get absolutely soaked, dragging along siblings or friends or whoever else would join me to get as wet as possible - chilled to the bone and having a blast - then warming up afterwards with a hot shower, dry clothes, and a cup of hot chocolate.

I smiled to myself today as I heard shouts of children playing down the street.

What a privilege to overhear their wonder at the world around them.

Stresses crowd in...so much to do...the world gets complicated and then the pattering of rain comes gently on my roof in the middle of the night, a simple song to woo my heart away from striving and instead to rest in the re-discovery of beauty and the Artist's hand from whence it comes.


Ah, Dainty, we are sisters! One of my favorite memories is walking with my dad in the rain and watching the holes in the sidewalk fill up with water. We've had a long dry spell-- everything parched and brown, the ground crying out for refreshment. Then, as I went to bed the other night, the rain came pounding down. Heavens opened, dry things reviving. Reminds me of the ways God pours out blessings into my thirsty soul. Rest, hope, the grace for today.
First you get to play in the rain, then you get to splash in the puddles, and THEN you get to play in the slippery mud! Heaven!
Beautiful. Thank you for the memories Dainty. And 3CFIDS@ourhouse and madietodd, thank you for equally eloquent replies. I am smiling.
Beautifully written, Dainty. I have always loved rain, too. Was a daydreaming, sedentary type child. Loved to stare at the dops as they hit the patio, or the car window, or whatever. And listent to the sounds that went with it, liek weither the windshield wipers, or the pattering on the glass... And in the Southern US, to hear the rolling thunder in the storms, and feel the power of the energy in it.
Thanks for sharing.
3CO, we must be! I think I've found a kindred spirit. :) Beautiful description. It's raining again as I type - a lovely soft pitter-patter that gets me every time.

madie: haha, yes! The fun isn't over when the water stops coming down, oh no, it's just getting started. Mud fights, redirecting ditches to make you own little river kingdoms, and then of course when you get the buckets then all bets are off. Even the hose is not considered cheating.

pamb, you're welcome. :) It's always a blessing to hear that my words touched someone. Thank you for taking the time and energy to comment.

warrior: ah, yes, the rhythmic yet random sounds and sights of rain are the perfect backdrop for daydreams. Another reason I like rain is because it makes me feel all cozy sitting here snug and warm in my own little world. I have experienced being caught in the rain without shelter before, soaked completely to the skin, and had a brush hypothermia, so recalling just how good it is to have real shelter and heat is another thing that makes me smile.

Oh and don't even get me started on thunderstorms... *love* them...

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