Quotable quotes from my week...

"I acknowledge you have been seeking answers for more than 15 yrs" ......Prof

"I don't think you have a Mitochondrial Disease, but we've been wrong before"......Prof

"I'm going to run some tests" .....Prof

"Ring me if you have any concerns".....Mito Clinic nurse

"Your ear canals are the size of a child's" ....:alien:.....Audiologist

"I'm a freak"....me

"You ARE!!!"....hubby

"Sounds like an episode of House"....daughter



My favorite quote from Elyn Saks, a wonderful woman who came forward about her schizophrenia:

She was writing about some episodes, including quoting herself saying "I'm God, or I used to be," (among other things) and her husband as he was proofing it for her wrote in the margin, "Did you quit or were you fired?"

Can I quit or be fired from ME/CFS??? Would be REALLY nice!!!!


Quote is 11 minutes in.
I would like to see House figure this out in a 48 minute episode. I would definitely go back ot watching the show.

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