Q10 ubiquinol, in the UK

Hello all

I am thinking of starting to take q10.

It seems that ubiquinol is better than regular q10? Is that right?

I tried to get it prescribed, no luck.

Can anyone recommend a good, low cost supplier in the UK?

ideally I would like to start at a low dose, say 50 mg.

Any thoughts or ideas helpful.


Yes, I believe it's widely accepted that ubiquinol is the best form to take. I usually buy most of my supplements from Amazon, though I'm in the US.

I've taken both Jarrow and Doctor's Best brand, though it looks like amazon.co.uk doesn't carry Doctor's best brand and the Jarrow looks pretty spendy. They do have Swanson's brand which I trust as well.

With that said, just about all of the brands I've looked at use the same active ingredient, Kaneka QH ubiquinol. I'd just look for the cheapest brand that uses Kaneka QH and has the least inactive ingredients.

Starting low is probably a good idea. Before I got sick I was taking 200mg of ubiquinol a day with no problem. Now I'm unable to take that much without developing anxiety.

Good luck and I hope it helps you.

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