Protocol summary so far

Just wanted to write a quick summary so far.

Where I'm at now

I've been on the protocol about 80 days now. I am still having an immune response after my post covid jab restart of the protocol, I am about 30 days into my restart I'd say.

Immune response was very strong for a long time, incredibly tired (not ME exhausted it became a different feeling), worsened muscle fatigue, dry mouth, pin prick and what feels like apoptic type sensations in nerves, muscles in different parts of the body.

Now I am just mainly a tad clumsy or very tired, less fatigue.

Throat swelling, throat pain, sore throat and neck swelling have been gone for about 9 days roughly.

Protocol at present

I still take everything mentioned previously. Although I recently increased to 3 life extension reishi capsules 3x a day which I think has lowered my libido and made me pretty pissed off most of the time, being angry also goes in tandem with depression. Pre protocol depression is not something I've experienced often really, as I had it under control with fish oil. So I think I'll have to lower my reishi dose slightly.

The cost of all these things is silly. The life extension costs me about £90 a month, the r-ala about £90 and then everything else is around £20 each. Not including the NAC or Glycine which is about £35 a kilo and £24 a kilo respectively. Then there's the kidney and liver tests to make sure everythings ok and they cost an extra £180 a pop. It's incredibly expensive. I spend £230 a month on this protocol and don't envisage getting that down anytime soon.

EGCG has been very hit and miss and some products are seemingly very dodgy. Recently I found that swanson products have lead and arsenic in them!! Won't ever be buying swanson again that's for sure. NOW EGCG ended up being one of the best in the end which surprised me, so I've bought that.

EGCG still makes me a bit wired, effects my sleep and makes it very hard for me to fully relax. But it does buffer PEM very well. How it does this I've no idea, but it does work. However it's potentially toxic at high doses. Suffice to say I will be trying 100mg/100mg/75mg when the NOW EGCG arrives, to take the edge off a bit.

My mood has declined recently but that is probably the reishi increased dose and the glucans increased dose.

Currently I'm doing 9g oat bran 3x a day with 1320mg reishi 3x a day. Soon to be reducing the reishi back to 880mg 3x a day, but the glucans are very important, seemingly if you drop those or reduce them, more aggressive symptoms come back very quickly.

So tweaking is still needed, but now that I am out the other side of the worst of my symptoms I do have a lot of energy I never had before. I just wish my mood wasn't so shit because that's not a very nice thing to have to deal with. But other than that I am pretty steady now between 70 and 80%. Hopefully I'll continue to gradually improve, anyone's guess really!
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