Protocol blood tests from Day 25

Well on the whole my blood tests are fine. Liver and Kidney function all green.

Because my protein intake is too high (I knew that anyway) my albumin count is above 50, but I am in the process of getting this reduced anyway so that should fix that problem.

The only thing on it that looks a bit odd is that my red blood cells are larger than they are meant to be MCV 100.6 where ref range ends at 99. So I am not too sure what that's caused by. My iron levels are all fine. B12 and folate intake were excellent for 2 weeks in a row prior to testing, so I can rule that out, I was taking b12 prior to starting the protocol as well, so again they were in a decent range. I haven't drank alcohol since 2018 so the only thing it could be is thyroid function. Possible hypothyroidism but would need another blood test for that.



Seems ok to get another test in about a month with the reishi and lions mane and oat bran as I was off those when I took this test.
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