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I have been kinda of crashed but this one was different. I was not fluish (CFS) or Unable to move paralyzed (CFS) nor head buzz need to lay down or will die way (POTs). It was more like I am in so much pain that if I don't lay my neck down will die way. Is a new one to me, I am trying to figure out if the Pain is because is a side effect of LDN or if it is because I am doing Sooooo much more.

I am working on office now the 8h (I had to be late due to crash a few days) but Mostly in office all the time now Vs working from home. I am doing diner every night after work, and playing more with my kid. I am juicing and doing an effort for hunting natural meals stuff. Plus all the Xmats Shopping. So I am doing A LOT. So I guess the LDN is doing something good.

Ahhh My brain noise is basically now only a sign that I need to take my florinef dose. But is such a blessing not having that burning, noise or whatever the heck I feel all the time.

OI: I am eating liver and Clams like there is no tomorrow I figure if OI is low blood vol, I should work on increasing it. I feel so much better from OI, Still not able to exercise but I think will be able to soon.
OI training is going well, I will increase the time tomorrow!! So far so good.

Other symptoms: I only have pain ALL OVER and vaginal peeling during sex, I also get peel from just the normal woman discharge so I am very acidic down there. Trying to increase water intake. I get bouts of fatigue but not all day like before, this is manageable.

Neck pain is becoming an issue I might have to get it checked. Also the Breast pain, I am supposed to get a sonogram. Hmm After the holidays I guess.


Do candid diet asap (mainly avoid lactose, refined sugars and refined carbs), eat lots of sparagus and take AZO yeast . This is a win-win trick I learned years ago. If you are constipated this might be something to look at, try magnesia milk. Pacing is a clue as well, don´t over do it! Good luck.
Believe in nature first hand, before you believe doctors, medicines, laboratories. We have done a lot against our nature by taking antibiotics, esteroids, refined sugar, etc. and our gut is altered. We can not digest well. I don´t even eat fruits, only lemon, but my life changed dramatically with all this. If this is not enough for having you well, write me back. Are you mostly constipated or with diarreah?
Do your shopping asap, cooking is easier don´t get panicked, and all the family will get benefits. You can have soya milk instead regular one (i prefer Silk natural). Good luck, you will be fine.

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