processing difficulties feeling emotions

It seems like an important step in improving or managing cfs is to process life in better ways.
I have been using a cd by Russell Harris that helps focus on the physical sensation of emotions with the emphasis taken off the story. Emotions are supposed to be come and go as a wave, not stay constant. If an emotion is hidden or stuffed down because its too scary, it will constantly stay on a wave (from what i've observed). And if left undealt with, causes disocciation from that emotion and the parts of the body it inhabits, therefore affecting homeostasis of a symmetrical body.

I have recently split up with someone i was seeing. And because there were ALOT of things she did right that was what i wanted growing up but didn't have in the family relationships around me, its hit me quite hard. Thankfully i've learnt alot of psychological techniques and theory that has helped me start to process my now open heart and allow those shadow wants to become what i look to give myself. While i'm shattered, its probably been the most potent healing i've gone through in a constant fashion, and im sure out the other end i will be much more safe, protected and valued by myself.

On the side of having trouble 'processing life' - I have realised i allow others to leave a footprint inside of me when i interact with them, that my -goal- for a relationship is to be close to another person. Tempering this will be vital as i am a seperate person unto myself and feel that as i create better boundaries and distance, my body will find itself in a much healthier place to deal with a chronic condition or virus.
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Wow, can I relate. I dont know where to begin. I've considered I do not know how to relate to people or have healthy relationships. I have had so many emotional wounds from the time I was born, I guess I should give myself credit for hanging 'in there' as long as I have. Now I'm facing more loses at middle age and just not handling them well especially when I am sick for long periods of time. Everything is out of balance, my health, body, relationships, work, home. I just feel like giving up. Rather than bringing down your blog I will just say thanks for sharing and offering insight to your personal walk in trying to deal with the complexities of life. I wish you well Gavman.

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