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I'm back on low dose methylation supps and doing much better when I discovered I should add Potassium and other minerals within an hour or two of my methylation supps instead of taking at the very end of the day.

AM: 800 mcg MFolate, Few tablespoons of Stoneyfield Yogurt with 1/2 tsp Country Life Maxi-Baby Probiotic Infantis.

Half Hour later: 2 Enzymatic MB12, 1/4 DibencoPlex, 1/4 Doctors Best LCF.

Hour Later: Nibble of Source Naturals Coenzymated B1, B2, P5P sublinguals. 1/2 Jarrow Biotin cap. Natures Way Niacin 100mg cap. (trying this also Natures Way Niacinamide 1/4 cap). 1 cap of Jarrow Mineral Balance

Noon: B3 50-100mg, Nibble of Now NAD sublngual. 1/6 of Now NADH capsule

Lunch Time with food: 99mg Potassium Gluconate x 2, 100mg Doctors Best Magnesium Gycinate, 200 mg coral calcium. Ester C Immune Support, 1000mg.

Dinner: Potassium Gluconate 99mg x2 with food

Misc: Toying with small amounts of: MN, Selenium, Boron

PM (every other or third night), Beta Care All, MRM Multi E, Fish Oil cap, Dr. Best 1000mg D3.

Doing much better with this strategy...

Still to comment on : Looking to see where the following might fit in: Pantethine, Zn and Copper, Curcumin for Inflamation, Artichoke to support bile produciton and stop recycling of bile.


I started taking small doses of Panthethine recently for adrenal support--and I've read it is very good at lowering cholesterol.
Kathevans - it's a truly great supplement. Probably the best thing I have taken to help the adrenals. Also A huge part of the Citric-Acid (Krebs) cycle by providing Acetyl-CoA and helping your body to metabolize Acetaldehyde which is a by product of drinking alcohol and Candida. The lowering of the HDL cholesterol apparently you need to take a pretty good dose per day. I'm always leaning on the side of "as little as you need" because an excess of one thing seems to always lead to a deficiency in something else.

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