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I'm about 3 weeks into my current SMP attempt. Taking this first thing in the AM.

Jarrow (Glass bottle) MB12 (50mcg)
Folapro (25-50 mcg)
ACBL (Anabol Naturals (2mg)
Vitacost LCF (50mg)

About 15mg each of B1, B2 and B3 and PABA and about 1mg of Biotin.
Sublingual: 25mg p5p and 5mg Pantethine

I put everything in a single capsule except the sublinguals (MB12, AB12, P5P and Pantethine).

I also take about 200mg of Magnesium Glycinate and about the same of Coral Calcium.

Taking Freddd's advice to take the MFolate first then hit the B12 about an hour later...ALWAYS waiting at least 2 hours to take any potassium.

Been doing good so far. Decided that since my SNPs include MTRR A66g +/+ and MTRR A664A +/+ and MTR A2756G +/- it looks that I probably have a much greater need for B12 than most people. In that the MTRRs are short circuiting my recycling of MB12 and the MTR wants to speed up the use of available B12. So maybe I should be taking small doses throughout the day?

UPDATE: Started taking little bites of MB12 (10-15mcg) 2-3 times a day. Seems to be helping.


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