Previous Protocol, ramping up

Discussion regarding my protocol: Thirst for Mfolate those that have ramped up

6:30-7am: First thing in the AM.

  • Things I'm testing: Zinc, Jarrow K2.
  • Also maybe a small dose of sublingual Pregnenolone, Huperzine, DMAE to help the mental

9:30-10am: 1g Ester 24 hour immune support (Vitamin C with Bioflavinoids with Rutin), 200mg Mag Glycinate and 3 Nature's Bounty Potassium Gluconate

12:00pm: lunchtime 3mg MFolate then 4 Enz MB12 and 2.5mg Lithium Orotate, 1 Swanson Activated B-Complex High Bioavailability

2:00pm: Vitamin Ester-C, 200mg Mag-Glycinate and 3 Nature's Bounty Potassium Gluconate

4:00pm: before dinner 3mg MFolate then 4 Enz MB12 and 2.5mg Lithium Orotate

6:00pm: Vitamin Ester-C, 200mg Mag Glycinate and 3 Nature's Bounty Potassium Gluconate

* Currently taking a small amount of ACBL per day. Will try to switch to once per week but for now I need way more MB12 than I can get from ACBL conversion

1/15 - Now up to 6mg of Mfolate per day. Taking one larger dose of LCF in the morning (per Freddd's suggestion) and a small amount of ACBL in the AM also.

1/27 - Now up to 8mg MFolate per day. Wasn't feeling too well on the 6mg. Feeling really good on the current protocol with 8mg MFolate

2/12 - Adding Pantethine in the morning.

2/20 - Going to up 9mg MFolate per day maybe more. Taking 4 MB12 for every 3 MFolate. Also started taking about 2.5mg of Lithium Orotate with my MB12. I'm also religious about taking my Potassium now. Upping to 5mg ACBL per day. Adrenal problems have resolved completely.

2/24 - Found out that my Vitamin C is very critical also.
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Oh wow, thats a lot of b12. I take three tablets a day max. How long did it take you to titrate up to this level? I have been having problems with insomnia and daytime tiredness with the larger amounts of b12. Its not intolerable, it would just be nice to have increased energy along with increased b12 intake.
If you dont mind me asking, how "functional" has the b12 allowed you t be?
I just doubled my MB12 and feel so much better. Since I'm MTRR++ and MTR+/- I need more MB12 than the average rabbit. I'm taking 3-4 mg per day. Some are taking 30-40mg per day plus a proportional amount of MB12. They are basically popping them like candy. I'm starting to think the gradual titration doesn't matter so much as long as your cofactors are in place. Some may experience detox but I haven't yet. Adrenals might be something to watch expecially if you are pushing your thyroid specifically. I am and have been very functional during my time with CFS. I hold a regular job and went to the gym twice this week. When my body tells me it's time to stop then I do so. I don't push. The B12 has made getting up in the morning easier that's about all I can tell you. The combination of MFolate and MB12 has be feeling more like my pre-CFS self mostly mentally from what I can tell. I do have a little more energy but as someone just pointed out a lot of that is mental also.
Maybe 8 oz per day if I remember. I forgot to take it with me to work. I usually get a good shot in the AM then another in the evening when i get home
I noticed you are taking pregnenolone. How long have you been taking it, and how has it helped if you don't mind me asking? I've been considering it myself.
I take like half of a 10mg sublingual at a time and it helps with brain fog and should help give a slight steroid hormone boost (cortisol). I've taken it on and off for a few years. I know Freddd takes it regularly.
I just added a link above. I've also used MRM 50mg but never wanted that much so the 10mg sublinguals were convenient and I notice a definite improvement in my ability to focus and use my brain when I take 1/2 of a tablet.

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