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Pregnancy Week 36 Bags packed and Christmas Tree is Up!

Oh, how I love Christmas time. My hubby helped me put up the Christmas tree and we brought a couple of silhouette lights to stick in the window of Santa and a reindeer. I have worded my hubby up that he has to go the full hog for lights next year. All our neighbours do it and I love the look.

We had a lovely street Christmas party on Saturday night. I had a sleep in the afternoon so that I could stay out late. Amazingly I stayed up to past midnight. I had a big sleep in but did not crash. It is the first time in ages that I have enjoyed myself talking and socialising without hitting the wall. I miss my social life heaps. I was a very social person before I got sick and the four walls get to me sometimes.

Overall, it has been a relatively good week. I am still in pain, but have been able to reduce the pain medication to just overnight allowing me to sleep. The baby is getting bigger everyday and my stomach is ginormous. I am down to a few tops that I can wear, but I cant justify buying anything else for only a few weeks. My bags are now completely packed, so there is nothing left for me to stress over.

We have also started setting up a second baby room downstairs in the study. We got given another cot and change table, so my hubby is busy sanding them back and repainting them. We also have a bar fridge, microwave and kettle upstairs so we dont have to go up and downstairs during the night for feeds.

I have had an increase in energy levels and my brain fog has diminished so much that I can now comprehend lots more when I read. My blood pressure seems to change on a weekly basis hovering from 120/75 to 145/90. I think this is more related to POTS than anything else. I have also started to get swollen feet and it doesnt help that the temperature and humidity has increased in the past week. Christmas Day is set to be in the mid 30s (86F+) so I am guessing I will have my feet up for most of the day.



Good luck with your delivery! I hope it's easy with no complications.
Please let us know as soon as you can. Can't wait to hear from you back home with your beautiful baby!

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