Pregnancy Week 32Busy bodies.

My husband told a friend recently about our decision not to breast feed for medical reasons. Our friend has since taken it on himself to research the issue on the internet and send the information he has found to another close friend who is a mothercraft nurse.

He has also passed judgement on us for our decision. This made me really angry and started to let it get to me. Do people really think I would make such an important decision so lightly and that I wouldnt put the welfare of our baby before all else. I have chased every avenue I know and cannot get a definitive answer from medical research. I have weighed up the risks and I have made the decision based on my gut instinct.

One of my other friends has been really supportive. She had immense problems breast feeding and they later found out her child was tongue-tied and could not latch on no matter how hard they tried to force her. She said to me that no one turns around at their 21st birthday and says whether they were breast feed or not.

After I calmed down I realised that I am going to come up against these busy-bodies after the baby is born. I need to believe in myself and my decision and trust that I am making the best decision for my baby, my husband and myself.

I am drawing deeply on the fact that I have looked deep into my inner self and made a decision that I feel comfortable with. I know I am forgoing this natural process, based on a risk rather than a known fact but I have to trust myself. If in years down the track it turns out that I'm being overcautious, than I will live with that. I could never live with myself if I knowingly pre-disposed or passed this terrible illness on.


People who believe they know what you should do and are vocal about it are everywhere, whether you have a baby or not. I think you are doing the right thing by telling yourself that only you and your husband can make the decision about what is right for your family. I'm sure those people mean well, but I agree with you that you have to do what you think is right and not let those people get to you as much as you can. Maybe telling yourself that they mean well but obviously don't know the situation the way you do will help in not being too annoyed at them while still being confident in your own choices?
Thanks Ocean,

Your advise is good and your support is appreciated. I do actually think he means well, just has to make his point.
Thanks Allyann. Being sick I've dealt with this kind of thing a lot, people always thinking they know what you should be doing to get better when they know nothing about your sickness or what you've already done. I get annoyed by it a lot myself but try to tell myself the same thing I told you :) It helps. Best to you!

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