Pregnancy Week 31Changes in weather and FM pain

Baby is busy growing and kicking away. We had our first week of ante-natal classes. The midwife is so helpful. After the class I explained that would be having a planned induction/epidural and that I suffered from ME/CFS and have multiple allergies. She was most reassuring. I am so happy that we are going private and that we have chosen the hospital we have. The staff are really on top of everything, even contacting my obstetrician to see what else they need to prepare for.

We have had lots of hot weather, huge thunderstorms and then cold periods. My body just cant cope. The FM pain has been so severe I couldnt make it up the stairs and had to sleep on the couch a couple of times. My arms, legs and hips just refused to work. i can definitely see a direct correlation with the humidity/storms and the patterns of my pain.

I am hyper flexible which is means my pelvis is giving me extreme grief. Being pregnant you cannot sleep on your stomach or back. Therefore I need to sleep on my side. I can only sleep on one side or the other for about half an hour before I wake up in excruciating pain. I have tried a body pillow and it sometimes gives me relieve for a couple of hours. There is not a lot that can be done to relieve it so I am having to suck it up as they say.

Luckily I have the most understanding Husband in the world. He looks after me when I can't look after myself and never complains. He listens and holds me when I cry from pain. My two sooky dogs also are great company. I have a big Collie/Kelpie cross who hates thunder. He wraps himself around the toilet in the middle of the house. Quite hilarious when you need to go.


I think maybe you mean 'ante-natal'? Good luck, anyway! I hope everything goes well.
Thanks Lngle, didn't pick that up! maybe it is a unconcious thought.... anti-labour/pain that is!

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