Pregnancy Week 28 A funeral, in-laws and recuperation

This week we had to attend a funeral to attend in Bendigo which is a three hour drive from home. We drove up the night before and stayed with my husbands Mum. We decided I would stay up there while he went back to work and he would come back for the weekend. Having had such a bad crash we did not want to push my body too much.

The funeral was very large and although I didnt know the man I found myself getting very emotional must be those pregnancy hormones. The ceremony went for about half an hour an the burial was about 30 minutes drive out to a small country town. Being the country they put on a lovely afternoon tea spread of parties pies, sausage rolls and cakes galore. We were both so exhausted when we got back to my mother-in-laws that we slept for a couple of hours.

My husbands family have not seen me for quite a few months and they were astounded with the change. They all commented that my eyes seemed lots clearer and my voice was clearer as well. They said it was like a veil had been lifted and I was not so vague.

Everyone is amazed at how big I look and there are lots of comments like are you sure it is not twins and you might be in for a big baby. I think everyone is trying to scare me. Baby is not concerned though and its kicks are getting stronger and more visible every day. It has started to have a party every time I lay down to sleep. I hope that this is not a sign of things to come.

My husband had to go back to work the next day so he drove back to Melbourne. Staying with my mother-in-law, who I have only met a half dozen times was really good. She is very easy going and I must say that I love the pace of life elderly people follow. It is much more my cuppa tea now. It was also a really good chance to get to know here.


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