Pregnancy Week 26 - Clear Head and Baby Kicks

All is going well with the baby and he/she is kicking away madly. My husband felt the kicks for the first time on the weekend and we both had a tear in our eye. Whatever route this ME/CFS takes this baby will be very much wanted and loved.

I have been to see the gynecologist and he thinks everything will travel along fine. He would like me to try for a natural birth as he thinks the recover process will be much better for me. He is also suggesting that they induce me so that they can control the labour and the pain during the first and second stages so I have enough energy for the third stage.

The hospital that I have booked into seem to be really on the ball. They have already contacted my Obstetrician to check what they need to do to prepare for labour taking my ME/CFS into consideration. I have started writing my birth plan which I need to give my Obstetrician next week.

The fog is still lifted in my brain and I can see clearly which is great. My comprehension and retention of information is greatly improved. Nowhere near the level as before but still greatly improved. I still have a great deal of energy although I am starting to feel some of the pregnancy fatigue now. I still get the FM pain in my arms and my hips are really bad because of my hyper flexibility but overall having a clear head makes a world of difference.

Having a clearer head has allowed me read some of the forum articles about the troubles with XMRV and the WPI and have even been able to take some of it in. I am constantly amazed however at how passionate people get about arguing their point. I can't seem to find that much energy and if I did I definitely couldn't be bothered trying to get anyone see my point any more.

I truly think it was part of my need to prove myself and my opinions to the world that got me in this mess to begin with. Life for me is now much more about striking harmony and dealing with things as they come. I cannot control the world but I can control my reactions to it.


Great to hear how well you are doing! Sounds like everything is under control. It really sounds like you have a mission here and that always helps with coping and progressing.
Wishing you the best,

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