Pregnancy Week 24 - Lifting of the brain fog

An unexpected surprise in the last two weeks. My brain fog has lifted to the level that I can now read and take in information. The boost of energy has meant that I have been able to get out of the house more and of course that also meant that I have overdone it and crashed for the last three days. Interestingly enough, after three days of severe pain and brain fog, I am back to the same level I was before the crash. Normally I tend to be worse for a few weeks.

The baby is doing well and kicking and punching me regularly. I have had a few hiccups along the way, but mostly non ME/CFS related. I have a large fibroid growth at the base of my uterus, and the baby loves to kick it which results in a lovely shot of pain. I have also had an abnormal pap smear indicating a pre-cancerous growth. My gynocologist is happy to leave that alone until after the baby is born.

I am still trying to find as much information as possible on ME/CFS in pregnancy, labour and post birth. I am putting together a birth plan for my doctors. I will get a list of articles together that I find and add them to this blog so others will be able to benefit.

On the ME/CFS front I had an interesting conversation with my exercise physiologist that coincided with some reading I was doing on the forum around POTS. He started doing some tests and I appear to fit the criteria for POTS as well. I was diagnosed many years ago with Neurally Mediated Syncope so when I was reading up on POTS it seemed to answer a lot of questions that I still had on how my many symptoms fit together. So I will be referred to a POTS specialist as well after the birth.

Now for the fun part, due to the fact that I was pretty well out of it for the first trimester of the pregnancy I have hardly done any shopping for our little one's pending arrival. So currently putting together a list of things I need. Hopefully I can order a lot online, but for what I can't my Mum has kindly offered to take me out to buy.


Allyann, we're so happy for you! It sounds like things are going very well and what a thrill it must be to feel this little one moving around! Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy- what a special joy.
Dr. Peterson also reports that people with autoimmune diseases also tend to get better during pregnancy - which again brings up the question whether ME/CFS is an autoimmune disorder in hiding. Its fascinating to watch this. Good luck!

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