Potassium Notes

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Not getting enough Magnesium is actually VERY likely to be the most common cause of low potassium
From: Elizabeth Maxim's Blog
"Potassium will relieve procrastination and zinc will enhance mental clarity."

"Potassium. An electrolyte, it helps conduct electrical charges in the body. Potassium cations are important in brain and nerve function. I have recently come to realize that if I am low on potassium, I will procrastinate in my writing."

"Once I restored my zinc, not only did the brain fog disappear, I experienced incredible mental clarity and energy in multi-tasking, which is important, if not necessary, for writers."
From: EMF Conductor by Elizabeth Maxim
"Alcohol will also result in the body losing potassium as part of the digestive and elimination process."

"Alcohol is metabolized in the body as if it is a sugar. This means people who cannot metabolize sugar – insulin resistant – will have trouble metabolizing alcohol."

"Alcohol and sugar intolerance are the direct result of severe potassium deficiency."

"In a medical study, potassium did as well as Imitrex in relieving migraines. I now give potassium instead of aspirin for headaches and so far it has worked. It relieves the pain within minutes."


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