Post Moderna #1 update and working, working

I had Moderna #1 (offered because of where I work) and spent about 2 days in bed. Then about 7 more days dragging and barely making it through my part time work days. Nausea and fatigue were the main symptoms.

I had a more severe reaction than all the elders I know (family members) :rofl: because of course I did.

#2 is coming up and I"m trying to rest up, have food cooked and in the freezer ahead of time if possible, and generally be in as good of condition as possible by then. ha! she says from the couch.

I really do wonder if I should keep trying to work. It will be my 4 year anniversary of getting sick this month. Yay, me. :meh: I was able to take a lot of time off at first with medical leave and since then I've tried to work as much as I"m capable of. Usually 15-25 hours a week or so. I'm super fortunate that that is okay with my employer and coworkers, mostly. But then if there's ever a break (like last spring during shutdown) (or over holidays) I notice how much more exercise I can do (still not very much, but better than nothing) when I'm not working.

I know there's lots of ME/CFS accounts that say "I got sick, tried to keep working, and then REALLY crashed." I'm not sure if I have ME/CFS though... definitely Lyme and mast cell activation and gut issues. Mito dysfunction? Sometimes Lyme people get better. I do really love my job and yeah health insurance is a good thing. But not if it means a bigger crash, not worth it.

I think what happened is, after last year when everything at work was kind of quiet..... now everything is trying to happen at once and it's super busy.

One good thing I learned! I actually am sensitive to chocolate. So let's make life better and cut that out! :eek: :bang-head:. I'm still MOSTLY eating autoimmune protocol but darn it it's a lot of work and I do slide here and there. (ahem, gluten free toast). The place in town actually makes a GF, dairy free pizza that is a nice treat once in awhile.

I went in for dental cleaning the other day and the hygienist asked if I had anything fun planned for the weekend. What a funny question! What is this fun they speak of! I realized my life has moved so far beyond that way of thinking. Which is sad. Can I cook the food I need? Can I clean the toilet finally after (redacted) weeks? Can I maybe go for a walk or do an online yoga class? Can I pick up my books on hold from the library? Fun is not really a realm I visit. I do try for gratitude. I have a roof, a house to live in, a partner with a job, family members I can see on zoom.... lots to be grateful for.


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