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Please help!

I hate to ask again, but my daughter is the one that is fighting to win a scholarship AND raise research money for CFS & FM. If you could take a moment and register and vote for her, and have each family member do the same, it would make a HUGE difference! Here is the site she created about her efforts:


Thank you in advance! I really appreciate all of the support from everyone here :D



Hi Cort :)

Sorry I'm so late responding! I pushed myself way too much again, and have been 'cocooning' for the last few weeks. Yes, that was Aubrey :) I'm so proud of her! I'm glad you got a chance to read her bio and see her site. She is having trouble getting final numbers (it went to percents unannounced), so I am trying to see if the company will pull them together for her so she can do her donations.

She is in the final weeks of high school, and seems to have something school related going on every single day! (she runs 2 clubs, is scheduled to be in 2 more performances & was just asked by the newspaper teacher/sponsor if she would take over the final Senior edition, as the editor backed out) We are also in the process of choosing a college. We need to go visit one more, but I had to get myself well enough to go. She has to commit by May 1st. So, as soon as she is able, she wants to come here and thank everyone personally for their support :)

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