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please help...not sure where to ask but hoping i can get some help on issue

i made a thread on the forum but was afraid no one would see...i dont mean to offend anyone by asking a question that has nothing to do with illness..but i really dont have any friends and hoping maybe someone on here will know how to help me...

hello, i have no idea where to ask this question that may seem odd and crazy and has nothing to do with illness other than maybe my anxiety phobias and paranoia makeing me want to find out...

but if anyone knew my inlaws i think they would understand...they come from small town and have told lies on each other and other people...theyve accused others of taking and selling drugs....child neglect...stealing...{which they have stolen from me and hubby and kids} they accused each other of sleeping around alot and of cheathing on spouses etc. etc. etc. threaten to beat peopole up etc.very serious things and they do seem to know the people high up to cover up their tracks and they get by with it...

im worried because two of hubby sister in particular have made remarks of "causing trouble for peopole they didint like" one said she knew the people who ran the small town the government agencies etc. and that person had told her she would look up anyones info {im guessing where they work, how much they make etc} and if anyone caused her trouble that she would make sure that they "paid for it" i took it as she would report false information to irs or someone getting federal help or something...or get where thye work and try to fire them by makeing a false complaint..

finally herers my question....can i get a legal form made up stating pretty much what i said above because my inlaws are very angry at my hubby for looking for biological family member...im terrified they will call his job try to get him fired...and worse im afraid that they will find out where my kids work and stuff and make false reports on them....two of kids thinking of joining military and anyone could call and make a horrible false report on someone...yes it would be investigated and be clear but all the anxiety and humiliation...i think id have a nervous breakdown...

im worried cause they keep asking personal questions about kids..where they work..what school...etc...things theve never been interested in asking before...and i know how low down and dirty they are...
id just llike to have something in writing so that if they did do anything dirty that id have the paper and it could be looked into if it were them...and by having it already it would show that i wasnt just making up at last minute that i thought they would try to do something to us...

theve told horrible destrctive lies on alot of people us included in the past...but i dotn want my hubby job in jepordy or my kids job or military if they join..that is serious...

so im sorry if this is wrong place to ask..but hoping someone has some legal back ground and can understand what im tryigng to ask......its so unfair that jsut because they know the "higher ups-important people" in the town that they can get personal info and try to destroy someones life and get away with it....


Hey! Just want you to know you're not alone, and (obviously) a lot of us care enough to read this.

I don't have a legal background. But if your husband and kids have a good relationship with employers, maybe they could warn their superiors that they have crazy relatives known for making trouble, who might call in. If they're at big companies, maybe find the department that the calls would be sent to, and go talk to that department. I don't think there's much more you can do.

It seems to me that the "humiliation" will all be on the accusers. And anxiety can be dealt with. It sounds like this possible future that you're imagining is driving you crazy. So the relatives are already winning, and they haven't done anything concrete. You're giving them an awful lot of space in your head, over things you can't control.

You have crazy relatives, and you can't control their behavior. You can try to contain the damage, before and during events. You can avoid them completely, or say friendly nothings if you have to communicate. Beyond, that, I say get them out of your head and think about things that you enjoy.

Good luck with this,

thanks for the reply....i hated to ask on here but since i dont get out much or anything i thgought id ask and maybe somoene would know...

thats a good idea to tell the employeers...i wish i could have a legal form drawn up though so i wouldnt have to explain to anyone or the kids wouldnt and then if anything did heappen we could just show the form and let them investigate if it were the inlaws...the sad thing is they have done very dirty things to people and always get away with it becaue they are in with the government people who run the agencys and stuff in their small town.....its just not fair...

hopefully they wont try to do anything..but i know they were very angry at hubby for trying to find biological family member and they then started asking questions as i siad that they had not asked before or shown any interest in...personal questions...we dont live near them thankfully so we dont have to deal with them much....but they are dangerous on a certain level...

again thanks for the reply i was starting to think no one had seen this and its always good to have someones thoughts who has nothing to do with the situation....
I looked up at the top and it says 212 views, so you've got an audience. But you asked for legal advice, and there might not be anything legal that you can do. You can't really guess what they might say, and legally document ahead of time that you never did that,
right ;)?
From a non-legal background there is always the legal term "Sue for Defamation of character" that might come in handy.

@Evangelina- you cannot sue for something that has not happened. @hurtingallthetimet- it seems as though, from reading your post, that you are experiencing anxiety over something that has not happened yet. If people are asking for personal information about your children without your permission, however, you can certainly discuss HIPPA and Privacy Policies with your children's school and doctors. NO ONE should be receiving any information about children without written expressed consent from the child's legal guardian. If they are disclosing information, you have the right to remind them of the legal repercussions disclosing personal information incurs. In laws are no fun at all, but remember: You never have to try and prove a bad-actor. They will prove it to people without any help. Sit back and wait. If something actually happens, then you have the right to act. Until then, let them do the 'yapping' and you just sit back and wait for everyone to catch up to you. Also, people that make threats to 'possibly call an employer' probably will not. If they do, you are not the one that needs to be embarrassed. Rumors are like throwing a pebble in the middle of the lake. You can't stop the ripples. Just have to wait until they die out and smooth over. Relax. You have bigger things to worry about than what other people think. I feel like that is a main theme of these boards.

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