Please Don't Wake Me! I get to "live" in my DREAMS!!

It's 4 a.m. I'm finally asleep, please don't wake me!!
For I'm anxious to see where my dreams may take me..

12,000 foot peaks covered in snow,
carpeted meadows of clover - I just never know.

To hot places, cold places - high and low I do travel.
In my dreams, I'm fine, I do not unravel.

Lightening strikes, rain storms, snow on the ground,
Who gives a heck the barometer went down!

I'm off to the Alps, The Pyramids, Matchu Pichu - who cares,
I am free of the cushions of couch, bed, and chair.

A party you say?? Yah put me down -
Not - I will let you know when the day rolls around.

Love shopping with friends - always busy,
Can stand a long time without getting dizzy.

I am running, jumping, and dancing around -
Not fighting pain sun up to sun down.

I get to do in my dreams what most take for granted!
Working, thinking, making plans, swimming - setting goals, visiting friends, loving, and winning!

Sometimes my dreams do turn dark, I admit,
Dreaming of Govt peeps, arrogant physicians, and those in high places, also getting sick -

I'd like to see "them" sick instead - then tell them that -it's all in their HEAD!

They'd wish instead they had AID's or Cancer,
As bad as those are - at least there is an answer!

They'd wish for an illness that people believe-
Not an invisible nightmare - that no one can see.

Oh this dreaming feels sooo dang good - don't wake me - NO PAIN...
I'm barefoot and dancing, in the rain!

Gee what I'd give to feel this great instead,
Of the fluish 24 hours of "hell" ahead.

In my dreams I am confident and intelligent, like I used to be.
Before this illness robbed that from me.

I'm always joking and clowing around,
Not flat on the couch with my smile upside down. :(

A real mover shaker..all of the time..
without constant fire in my muscles and spine.

I dream of an answer or even a cure - A Govt who cares, researches, and studies
Not a system all about profit and monies.

Most go to sleep to have a bad dream, some say.
ME patients wake up to a nightmare each day.

Time to awaken is drawing near - No! No! It's too dang fun right here!
Mr Sandman - I'm not done - my soul you can take...

Oh well... yuck.... I'm AWAKE!!

But instead of dread, I now have hope,
Cuz I have Dr. Kogelnick to help me to cope.

After 35 years - my Dr. Shopping Days are DONE...
I found Dr. K - I know he's the ONE...

He has a great heart, mind, and strong will -
If he can't help me - Nobody will!

He is an angel, he gives choices -
To all ME sufferers he gives us BIG voices!

You are HOPE - a twinkling star - on a very dark night! :)

Jacque Simmons
Been ill since Age 13 - Terrible flu illness - Then told I had growing pains, Age 18 RA..Through the years CFS, FM, Hashimotos, EBV, HHV6, Lupus, Chiari Malformation, Lyme, Protomyxoia Rheumatica, Mycoplasma Hominis/Pneumonia, Bio Toxin Illness, ME, CVID.
AKA - the woman with 25 diseases? Or cover Labels for LYME DISEASE?? The 65 Billion Dollar Question! Haven't spent quite that much but my bank balance is sadly low due to my lifetime of just wanting to be able to have a LIFE....and not be in tormenting pain daily, and REFUSING TO GIVE UP!!!!!


You've had your OTC award for a long time, haven't you... (One Tough Cookie!!)

This poem says it all.

Have you read allyb's poem, posted in a blog a couple of weeks ago? Look it up! Between you two, this experience is well captured.

I'm adding this to my inspiration wall.
OTC Award??? Never heard of it but I think I am the President of the club and didn't even know it! sigh
I haven't seen the other poem...I will look for it.
No one else would understand this poem...the barometric pressure...the cushions...can't travel...can't sleep...can't make commitments...handle the altitude...being JUDGED as the hardest part of all.....
This is wonderful, captures exactly how I feel about my dreams. They are more "real" and more vivid than my "real" life now. I get depressed every time I wake to this hell on earth now. Thank you for sharing this!

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