Places I have lain

I call every time I leave the house an 'outing', incl. hospital appointments. Only those to the dentist (long overdue) fall into a different category. Cavity calamity...

Even when I'm at my best: in-the-world-time needs deliberation and support, and a place to lie down at the other end. Over the years I have reposed on floors in kitchens, pharmacies, galleries, waiting rooms and niches in hospital hallways; on sofas and benches in a restaurant, a museum, a theatre (for a whole performance!), at a wedding, and for most of Xmas-dinner at the house of friends.

Once, lying on a blanket in a recess off a hospital corridor, I was accosted by a passing doctor who, without inquiring how I was, insisted I was making a spectacle of myself. I shared the space with M., who escorts me, and an out of order water cooler. One sitting, one upright, one supine, and one talking down...

I do crave attention: in the form of proper medical care, discernment and support, which I am grateful to receive by the doctor I was there to see. Other than that: I'd much rather it were for a piece of art I've made, or my fifth novel. Instead I flopped floorwards... Supine is such an attractive look!


I can so relate to this post and the question of "will there be anywhere for me to lay down there?" I've became like an expert at finding places to lay... in lots of places a sofa or bench may be found (even the library has bench at the enterance).

Unfortunately its at the hospitals and drs clinics (if a spare bed isn't available in a room) in which I most often have ended up laying on the floor and all too often Im then told "you cant lay there!" My response to that is always "are you going to provide me a bed then?"
Thanks for your comment on my writing, Helly. Clean & carpeted areas, yes, please! My orange blanket has wiped more floors than I can count. And you're right, Tania, strangely hospitals seem least equipped to offer somewhere comfy to lie down, until you've reached the doctor you're there to see. The doctors who say we can't lie there without offering alternative 'accommodation' are mostly concerned with how it looks, not with those who can but lie.

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