Photosensitivity reaction...

:eek: Been having an unpleasant photosensitivity & ?anaphylactoid/anaphylaxis reaction last night & today. Skin on arms/face warm & flushed, stomach & oesophagus eroding (only way to describe it...if you've ever experienced an ulcer you will know the feeling!!!) I also had breathing difficulty overnight & today...a bit more than the usual.

I think this is a delayed reaction after taking a course of Keflex, which I finished about 4 days ago. I also got a bit of sunshine 4 days ago, after basically being housebound & indoors for months. I just read that the Beta Lactam antibiotics can cause anaphylaxis :eek:
Happened to see my Endocrinologist today, so I asked her if I could be tested for Porphyria...( LOL I will be her first case if I test POS for that! ;) )
So she has ordered 24 hr Urinary Porphyrins, Plasma Porphyrins and Serum Tryptase.
She is pleased my PTH is back down in the Ref Range. This she credits to me taking Vit D3. My recent rapid weight gain is a bad sign, considering my family history of mother having Type 2 Diabetes, combined with a fasting glucose approaching upper limit...and the issue of "fatty liver" :rolleyes:

So....I have been referred to my dietitian to start on a diabetic diet NOW!!! :victory: seeing as I am unlikely to be able to exercise myself out of this dilemma!!!

PS Don't worry...angioedema, anaphylactoid reactions are par for the course for me...If I get worse I'll go to hospital & contact my friendly Immunologist/Allergist/Physician guru! :Sign giggle:


Sorry to hear about this. You really do have a lot going on at the moment.
Take care, Justy.

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