Peptide Shots 9m+ Keto 3m , full night sleep - Doing great

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I had the best month I ever had since CFS, more time good than bad, I am under a lot of work pressure and crazy hours, yet I have been abel to keep up. Is amazing what I was able to do all the things I did this month.

I feel this shots are making such a difference, I am doing great. I get tired about once a day (12 to 2pm) is when I used to take naps, since I do not have time these days, I feel it then. But overall, on my day I am fatigue free.

I feel most of my brain back, every month I say wow I am at a 7. Is crazy how we rationalize the disability and how bad we really are, but we get so used to being sick that we don't even realized. So as I get better I realize how bad really was. So I have to adapt as I feel better.

I have slept all night for the past few nights, No meds at all, and that is unheard of for me, not to wake up during the night at all.

I had some issues with tummy, I think my body is not used to increased fat diet, but will work on that. Overall I feel so great with this clean diet, that it is motivation enough to keep going.

I think this peptides shots are the best thing I have ever done for my CFS, I do the pills and prescription stuff but they work on symptoms and give me more energy. But is symptom control, does not feel like they move me forward, vs the shot I see things resolving (kinda like getting cured slowly), I can finally see me getting out of the hole I was on. So that has me very hopeful. I will keep up with it, because I am seeing results.

Better -
Sleep, energy, ability to walk more distance (steps a day), Brain fog and smartness, noise sensitivity. Overall well being. Weight has come down 10 pounds.

No change
PEM, Exercise intolerance. Titanus.

Menstruation (I am 25 days late), Tummy (more diarrhea and gallbladder type symptoms.


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