PEM Busters - BACC and Creatine - Start 3 days ago

This is more a note to self kind of blog so I can track my progress.

So I do well overall CFS wise, I struggle more w POTS I would say. But my biggest thing is PEM. I really need to get a handle on this thing.

So I decided to concentrate on the energy production and PEM issues (I have the immune under control) and see if I can progress some more.

So I started to try BCAA and Creatine as listed in the Hips PEM busters article. I have had great success w COQ10 and baking soda (both given by doctor) so I will try this and see if I get more progress in that area.

It took me out of crash rather quickly (I was in a bad one) and even went bowling today!!! I feel great consider how I was 3 days ago. So far I give it positive review.

I tend to react great in the first few months so will give it a while before making it permanent in my routine.


I'm really glad to hear that! So was it both the BCAAs and creatine which helped pull you out of your crash?

I've been taking BCAAs for 2 years now and they have cut my recovery time in half. But I still crash way too easily - if I went bowling, even if I felt well, most likely I would crash the next day.

I'm going to start creatine hydrochloride today, hoping it will increase my endurance. How much creatine are you taking?
I think was the creatine, I only did one bcaa. Something upset my tummy ( apparently I ah e to do them w meal). I started w one pill. Today I did 5 creatine. I am following the bottle recommendation but I was upping slowly. I took the extra today since I went bowling was trying not to crash. I ussualky up the energy supplements when I know I over do. I will try to use 2 or 4 pills a day. Not sure whatever Jarrows mg are.
Thanks @Intester7 - I hope it continues to help you! Keep us posted how you do. I am starting creatine HCL (hydrochloride), a small dose at first, it's too soon to tell if it will help, but nothing bad so far :)
Glad you had good results Inester. I think creatine helps me, but I get a ton of water retension, subcutaneous, from it.

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