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“Life isn’t always onward and upward.
Sometimes you evolve, sometimes you devolve. Sometimes you get the life sucked out of you, and other times you breathe life back in.

There are times of shutting down and…opening up.

There are times the walls go up … times they come right back down again.

Wherever you are right now, I hope you choose to act out of love, even if you didn’t yesterday.

Because love, along with hope, faith and courage will always get you out of the pits, unstuck and back on your way to brighter days…. Eventually.”

~ doe zantamata

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Hos is your son doing, Sunshine? Was he able to find a summer job....and what dies he hope to do in life? Does he live at home? Yours, Lenora

He’s doing well. He works for a local hospital system and it’s been a great job for a year and a half now. He just graduated high school in June and is off to college and dorm life to study economics next month. 💛

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