Patterns I'm finding

(Might just be true for me)

- Anger gives me a lot of energy. On day 3 I get bad PEM.
- I'm so thirsty - wanting more water than I ever have. I wake up almost every night to get more water (and to pee). I sometimes think it's neurological and I don't actually need water. However if I ignore my thirst and don't get more water, I get headaches for 24 hours.
- It's difficult to get blood out of me - more if I feel thirsty - I drink so much water but I'm always too dehydrated to get blood out of me easily.
- Headaches are relieved by sleep - but only for a while - they can come back.
- Waking up early = instant sore throat. Normally relieved by more sleep.
- If I'm already at my limit and I keep pushing, that's when I'm most likely to get PEM that lasts for weeks.
- The 'not-trying' attitude enables me to rest effectively. Not-trying: whenever I feel my mind go blank, I stop trying to concentrate and rest instead.
- Dark chocolate is like a magic bullet for energy in the short-term.
- Too much sugar gives me headaches about an hour later.
- Magnesium has worked wonders for brain fog. (Very happy about this)
- Ran out of vit D for a few days and got worse - not sure if it is correlated.
- Echinatia may have made my asthma worse.
- Despite how hard I've been trying to shift it, my happy place in sleeping hours is currently 3am-12/1pm.
- Comedy film in the evening can make me feel better the next day relative to a horror/drama film.
- Sitting down for hours at the hairdresser gives me PEM for 2 days and an achey back and legs from the tension of having to sit like that.
- Tracking my symptoms for disability benefits makes me feel low. I don't like focusing on what I can't do.
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"- It's difficult to get blood out of me - more if I feel thirsty - I drink so much water but I'm always too dehydrated to get blood out of me easily." is traditionally associated with hypercoagulation. (Discovered by David Berg as being common in CFS and FM back around 1999). For myself, I have frustrated many nurses -- went as high as 10 different sites to get blood.

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Being so thirsty you can't get enough water, for me that's an electrolyte imbalance. I put a pinch of himalyan sea salt in my water or get a coconut water out of the fridge, or use and electrolyte product. If it's an electrolyte issue the more your drink plain water the worse the thirstier and worse you'll feel. Just FYI - might not apply but thought I would let you know. :)
i remember reading on this forum that the member Ema had thick blood and a hard time getting blood drawn but was able to alleviate it by taking enzymes like lumbrokinase (and perhaps other blood thinning herbs too) which naturally make blood thinner so she was able to have blood drawn without problem. i always thought the increase in energy with anger was due to the adrenaline? but yes then after some hours i tank and need to rest usually.
i also have the increased thrist/urination issue, i pee so much, and then drink so much, or maybe i pee a lot bc i drink more than i really need due to increased thirst? still haven't figure out the cause in my case. stress can cause such, low adh, adrenal fatigue. also some foods increase the thirst which i avoid.

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