paper snowflakes and midsummer night dreams

A few days ago, i laid on my side and my daughter brought a tray with watercolors, paintbrushes and water in bed. It made my heart so happy. I'm easily discombobulated moving my arms around much and in unison but this was manageable for a short time. It was so fun for me and her! First, i folded the coffee filters in half, quarters then eighths and then we chose our paint color and got busy creating. Lots of water was key or else the color didn't saturate properly. She made some beautiful rainbow tie dye ones and i made quite a few blue patterned ones. I will attach a picture, although this is from google as i am not able to get up and take pictures of our snowflakes. I will include one with instructions in case you want to do this with a little one in your family :heart:

Then, we continued reading our current story we are on for bedtime stories..... A Midsummer Nights Dream...Usborne childrens version. She is really enjoying it and i am too. I forgot how much i love this Shakespearean drama/comedy. Anything with faeries and her and i are in! I am quite certain her and i might be part faerie, haha! When the tooth faerie came for my children, she would always leave a little tiny note on a scroll tied in twine and wildflowers and its so magical for them. Actually, when i went into labor with my daughter, my son was high on alert of how he could help, so his kind little 9 year old hearts first thought was to write a letter to the faeries and put it in our garden and he asked them if they could help me. Isn't that the sweetest thing! He also gave me certain crystals to take with me he thought would be helpful. When she was born, everyone called her a faerie baby because she had the most beautiful little face and each ear center was in the shape of a heart. She is such a little love bug and always has been from day one.

I don't have a normal life and i am not a normal mother to these children in this state ...but we make the best of it. Somehow, we prevail. Somehow, we are doing it. I hope they remember love and some good things one day. I hope she remembers paper snowflakes and fairy tales. I hope with all my heart.

"I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,
Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,
Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine,
With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine:
There sleeps Titania sometime of the night,
Lulled in these flowers with dances and delight."

(Oberon, Act 2 Scene 1)


You were definitely given a mother's heart and artistic one at that. I bet you and your daughter had fun. If yours came out even halfway like those pictured, they're lovely.

Not that I have the confidence to try it but how many times did you have to fold it before cutting to get that pattern? Also did you tie-dye before or after folding and cutting?

Edit: Only answer if you're up to it. Like I said, I'd have to work up the energy and confidence first anyway. Funny, how when we don't have the one we lack the other as well.
Good Sat. a.m. everyone.....Great snowflakes and I'm sure your little girl loved helping Mommy....or more to the point, giving Mom the idea.

Very sweet to have the tooth faerie arrive with a scroll & wildflower. Saves stamps, too! Do you have 2 or 3 children? I'm probably the one with 2.

@sunshine44......this is probably not the place to ask this, but I'd like to know what people do about bedhead if you can't wash it for long periods of times? The newer dry shampoos don't work very well, and even cornstarch doesn't do a great job. Fortunately my hair isn't oily now....but still, it just doesn't feel clean. Any tips from anyone???

@Judee ......I wonder if youtube has any videos showing how to make snowflakes. @andyguitar may also need a refresher.Who knows what you may be missing in the art world?

I need to look at some old Bob Ross videos...except that type of art isn't for me, although Bob Ross had to have been one of the most soothing people who ever lived. !

Thanks everyone & I hope your weekend is a good one Yours, Lenora.
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