Pain Meds: The Lunch Food of Choice

I had to cave in and take the pain med. And basically been crying from the pain and a thousand other reasons. There is no escape, no help coming. It will not go away.

I went to Walmart today. I thought getting out on a nice day like today would make me feel better. It didn't. I was lucky enough to get a decent parking spot. I hadn't been to Walmart in a few years. I went because I needed a new pot and pan set. Mine is all worn out.

You know things are bad in this country when the inside of Walmart looks like who did it and ran. The place was all picked over. It looked like an after Xmas sale. Most of the shelves were barren. And what was there, looked like a million people had picked it all over. Their craft dept, which used to be great, now consists of a few shelves of nearly nothing. Their book dept was just as awful, paperbacks and a tiny half shelf of books for new mothers. Not a single hobby book. The housewares section of the store was equally as horrible. I was lucky to get a set of pots and pans. Just everything in the store was a mess and looked like they are mostly focusing on cheap clothing and a few electronics. The whole place was depressing.

I didn't feel good walking around in there. Walmart always makes me sick. It took alittle longer for it to kick in this time, I think because the place was so bare that it didn't have the toxic stuff it used to, or at least not as much of it.

When I got home, my morbid neighbor was outside, the one who seems to be waiting for me to die. And he made more comments about how I don't go out. He ought to try having this much pain and the million other symptoms.

So, once I got in here, I got an attack of the Lyme arthritis, right leg, hip, lower back. I usually get it when the weather changes. And I had to cave in and take the pain meds. Too sick to make lunch, so it was pain meds for lunch. And now they've made me sleepy, but I'm sleepy anyway from going out. Complete crash.


Sorry to hear your shopping expedition was so disappointing. But at least you were able to get the pots & pans.

When I was working full-time, I used to take analgesics before I went to work most days to give me a head start, but then I would try not to take any during the day as I didn't want to get addicted.

My right leg, hip & lower back pain are my main pain sites, so I understand how you feel.

At night I would take analgesics just before going to bed as that would usually give me 4 hours sleep, before pain woke me up again.

Yes, Pain is a constant attendent in our lives & for my part I wish it would just buzz off!
I do hope you recover soon from your crash, please try and eat when you can. I find I always pay for my essential expeditions by worsening symptoms, for a while.

Walmart sounds scary, like the looters had been in. At least you got what you needed. Two fingers up to your neighbor - he should get a life. Or a disease. Grrr. (slapping myself for being unkind) I guess he's a pretty sad sort of soul.

I hope you pull up to a better level soon, take it easy and look after yourself,

love jace x
:) Things is spiraling downwards in "small town" Wall Mart were I live looks the same nowadays, don't get to use to a product tomorrow it is nowhere in sight. Wish I lived near you Carrigon, would of brought you some food and give that neighbor of yours a lesson in diplomacy.

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