Pain - How does it feel and when does it happen

Ok so I always said that my pain felt like when you have lifted weights. But after I lifted weights (months back) I have a fresh memory of the two types of pain and made some observations.

First I get this tired feeling, Numbness in left and frontal part of my brain. It gets extremely difficult to even exist, I need to sleep or just stop live and just rest it out, Is a very fast and brutal crash. After one day or so I start feeling muscle fatigue and weakness and I start touching the muscles because I know that I am in very deep pain, but for some reason I don't feel pain, I feel fatigued.

Usually I feel the pain in the sciatic Nerve, also inside the thighs close to the knee but in the interior area, also in the left shoulder and neck. Sometimes I feel it on arms.

So the pain is very much like the "lift weight" one but the difference is that the pain is like between the muscle and the skin, Vs the weight one I feel it inside the muscle and usually when you move or stretch it.

Is like the muscle is inflamed in the outside. and Is a pain beyond believe, this is coming from a 10h labor woman that got ripped for 6 months, Had a spinal tap and had nasal surgery! so yeah I know what pain is. This is amazing how I can get in so much pain just by doing nothing.

I have learned to get a massage, drink alkalized water and put on Voltaren on the worst areas.

Usually after I resolve the pain the fatigue lifts.

I had to leave early from work yesterday because my brain went numb, then worked from home today. Doing better so planning to join the real living creatures again tomorrow.


My pain is mostly a body pain concentrated in legs, back and arms. I always felt like a semi-truck was positioned on top with all the wheels on my legs,the front ones on arms. Many times I lay flat like on a slab and wish I could astro-project thus save alot on pain medications.
Do you use anything that works??? I hate pain meds, I do not like to use nothing that calms (down feeling) or tires me out.
Vicodin and a massager, if in bed I sleep. If on an errand it gets me through it. Naturally, a warm bath with apple cider vinegar and sea salt helps with eucalyptus or epsom salt with peppermint but short acting. Luckily nothing has become addictive but keep a close eye on it.

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