P.O.T.S ,brugada, and now high TSH

Still undecided what to do...
Lacking information on treatment plan. Synthroid?? I will but wait I have a heart condition (highly sensitive to all meds...) a inch of decaf makes me sick
Beta blockers? Haha
Well.....i do not know if this is due to the fact that nerve don t get message to the adrenal glands to make epinephrine or what. My question is still the same.....really should I let them mess me up 0r will I get too sick?? Well i m afraid the synthroid s gonna make my heart □unhappy. Any sugg???


How were you diagnosed with Brugada syndrome? Are there any treatments for it? I was wondering if you could try Armour Thyroid (vs. Synthroid) and also if your Endo could discuss with your Cardio?
@Gingergrrl thank you☺,my brugada is mild therefore been told it would be a hassle to try to get that wonderfull "portable" resuscitator thingy... thamks for the armour thyroid. Still trying to sort out as i do suspect adrenal malfunction due to my orthostastic intolerance (adrenals depleted due to posture needs for any of the -ines (and.cortisol?)needed ...

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