P#5 remission Day 2

This is for my personal log so I can think back and see how I was doing.

I woke up early, had a bit rough night because hubby woke me up and it was hard to go back to sleep and wake up early. Butt felt good and refresh. Since I cannot take any pills first few days ( none whatsoever) I had allergies ( not bad but been this way since I Remember).

Pain still gone and not other symptoms except a bit runny nose and some sneezing.
I took dog to Vet and stand ok for a while. Got some IBS type thing after breakfast at vet office. But was ok and went away after one BM.
Then I did a 3h car trip as passanger. I felt a bit uncomfortable but not tired or too bad. Visit a friend who just had a baby, and hold it ( big deal to me for POTs) for a bit then went to IkEa 30min drive, for hours slow walk and the line to pay I didn’t have to sit, even it took for ever.

Then car drive back 3h. at this point is 9pm. Took a shower and felt like doing squats!!! I did not give in. Since don’t want to push my luck after such day.

No passing out or presyncope episodes. Did have to unhook
Bra and pants in the ride back ( I cannot tolerate tight anything) but not POTs bad today.
Did not manage energy whatsoever. Ate horrible food( did not have a choice). Did not react to the rest of the days food.
Still with runny noise, little not bad at all.
Feel normal not even a bit tired. Brain clear and sharp


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