Ozone Therapy – A Review

A reader forwarded me a link to: “Ozone therapy is an effective therapy in chronic fatigue syndrome:result of an Italian study in 65 patient” My initial take was that I was not surprised — why? Ozone kills some bacteria… but we need to dig deeper. Note: both Ozone and Hydrogen peroxide have one abnormal Oxygen atom that easily reacts. Hydrogen peroxide does wonders for killing bacteria on wounds.
First this study
What was done: “therapeutic shock of ozone autohemotherapy”
What was the result: “> 50% improvement in symptoms”
  • No one went into remission.
  • “symptoms” is way too subjective
  • “The practice of autohemotherapy carries significant risks without any health benefit. Patients have died. Plus, autohemotherapy has been an illegal practice in Germany since 1984, but you will find naturopaths advertising ozone therapy as “commonly used in Europe.” [www.naturopathicdiaries.com] – a very good read on legality in the US.
On PubMed
There are some 70 articles on ozone autohemotherapy many of them are from China.
Bottom Line
I would recommend a pass on this approach for three reasons:
  • No studies suggesting remission, just symptom improvement (whatever that means — especially given the placebo risk)
  • Real significant risks of adverse effects
  • Those offering it are likely violating laws or naive in understanding the full picture.
” Ozone as a medical therapy has been used in many medical conditions; unfortunately, however, like every other therapy, ozone therapy has side effects. The literature concerning ozone therapy supports possible strong vasoconstrictor and prothrombotic effects of ozone therapy, further supporting our suggestion that ozone can lead to acute coronary syndromes in human beings. In conclusion, to our knowledge, our case report reveals a possible complication of ozone therapy that has never been reported before. We think that this article will raise the awareness of the possibility of thrombotic complications after ozonated autohemotherapy. ” [2015]


I have had remissions from ozone therapy, probably based on its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties as well as positive effect on immune system. Direct ozone intravenous infusion I consider totally superior to autohematotherapy and direct is what I did. It is also possible to do rectal or vaginal infusion as well as direct application to wounds such as diabetic foot. It is legal in about 13 US states. Rarely covered by insurance.
I think ozone therapy has most potential among therapies since there are studies that ozone water increases po2 among mice tumor.

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