Oxalates are frustrating

I said last week I'm not getting symptoms of greatly reducing my oxalate intake, and now I realize there is a delay. I wish I had tapered off them.

I already take plenty of magnesium and need to take vitamin D more often to help reduce the symptoms. I forget which other supplements are helpful. I can't wait for those symptoms to end, if oxalates are the cause. If they are not the cause it's awfully coincidental.

I suggest everyone consider if their diet has inconsistent oxalates, especially if they have any of the oxalate symptoms or "dumping" symptoms, or have autism spectrum in their family.

I did not get deep into reading about them but it appears to me that it could be an issue if someone (as an example) eats a high-oxalate food once a week. I am guessing they would suffer cycles with symptoms from the spike in oxalates, then the "dumping" symptoms. Dumping symptoms can be delayed for up to a week and possibly more.

I really hate to eliminate some of the higher oxalate foods from my diet, and I may have to. My diet is already reduced to 3 dozen foods, so to eliminate even 4 foods is difficult, if they are favorites or filling foods. I have to experiment further without giving myself much more unpleasant symptoms.


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