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Out for a walk

Finally, I was able to get out and take a walk this past week. I have been too weak for it for months, so it felt great. Limit: About half a mile. There is this great park near me with a loop for walkers/runners. Time to go hang out a lot. Maybe I will get my daily two miles back after two years.

I was also still thinking about beaverfury, who kept us entertained with his humor and ways of seeing life. This walk was time to listen to music and process those grief feelings as well.

Late winter in Utah... snow on the mountain, willow trees turning yellow.

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Looks like a beautiful place for outdoor activities and walking. Lots of fresh air! Do you go for walks in the evenings too? I go for my walks in the evenings, it also helps me to remember those who suffered and the the loved ones we lost. It's just me and the stars. Thanks for sharing. Love your picture.
Thanks, Mij.

I was without a car for 2 1/2 years, so had gotten used to walking just about any time of day in any season. In summer, I will be out in the evenings, as it gets hot here. This definitely is my destination now to get my walks in. So different, part of the issue with getting out to walk was finding somewhere to go! The park is two miles from home through not the best neighborhoods, so I need to drive to it, which just feels odd. Drive somewhere to take a walk. Hmm. lol
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Oh I see, I agree you have to find an enviroment where you feel safe, and enjoyable to get you motivated to get out there. I know I do! I've never owned a car or drove and live downtown in the city. I like the area where I live feel safe so I can go out after dark. I also don't want any of my doctors seeing me out power walking, they would never understand! lol

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