On My Knees

As we head into 2011, things are a real mess. My health is deteriorating and I am starting to focus on the amalgam removal session in December. I am having a hard time thinking and following conversations. I am on-line posting to Frequent Dose Chelation, a Cutler dedicated site on yahoo. (They have a Facebook page now too.)

Posts would take hours. I was so afraid that people would think that I was stupid that I would go over and over posts to fine-tune them. That is a "very mercury thing". I am not sensitive like that now.

My brain was so foggy and my energy was low. I was used to "vegetative depression" with my flavour of Bipolar but this was different. I couldn't explain it then and I still can't now. It was so much work to try to follow conversation and it would make me irritated. "Please don't talk to me".

Have you ever have to answer the phone in the middle of the night and was expected to hold up your end of a discussion? That first minute or two before you wake up is "brain fog" ....or close to it.

My temperature was around 35 or 36C upon awakening and my eyebrows were partly gone. I had read in Amalgam Illness that Hg really messes with the thyroid but I could not get my Dr to give me any. So, I took some of my wife's supply.

The first dose was very helpful and I was able to snow-blow the drive. This is pretty good as I had been on the couch for 2 days.

It was an important moment for me as low thyroid was predicted given my Hg status and I responded to thyroid meds. Mercury snapped into my sights and if I had to pick a moment that I finally "got it", it was probably then.

I started to see myself as poisoned and that Bipolar was a symptom of this just like the fatigue weakness and brain-fog.

I was also getting more food sensitivities, eczema since 1984, I just had an appointment to see a dermatologist who diagnosed psoriasis - I was itchy all the time. I had lattice degeneration = holes in the retinas. I had Rapid-Cycling Bipolar Disorder which is not as common in males. Gluten sensitivity and joint pain, tremor, fatigue, visual disturbances, nocturia and other annoyances.

As we approach the second sitting for amalgam removal I had my first appointment with Dr Aubrey. That's next.


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