OI training

I saw OI specialist, He prescribe the regular stuff, Compression socks 20-30mg,
Salt (6g/d adjust per patient as needed), Water (1lit?), Raise bed 20cm....:confused:
The difference was the training.o_O


Dr told me that the brain is trained to shut off (you will pass out) when the blood flow is low (in 6 seconds or so) But that the brain can work longer. So the purpose of this exercise is to re-train your brain to work with less blood supply for a longer period of time to minimized the OI episodes.

This was my instructions:

1. The exercise should be done in feet (standing),
with feet slightly apart, not much, so that
you are comfortable.
2. Do exercises daily and 2 times per day.
May be at 9 am to 7 pm.
3. The duration of the exercises is gradual:
- Start with 8 minutes each session (9 am and 7 pm).
- Every 10 days increase of 4 to 5 minutes.
Example: After doing the exercises in 8 minutes
for 10 days you do 12 minutes 2 times
days. After 12 minutes, increased to 16 minutes, and
so on until you can do 25 minutes.

4. After making the first week you go through
office to give you further instructions.

Be warned: I about passed out my first time, so choose a safe area. Also make sure you can rest afterwards, is a crash but different. It felt that blood supply was higher afterwards. So the feeling of the brain clearing out was worth the bad.


So the exercise is to stand for that long? Absolutely still? Can move some? Can you read or watch tv?
TV I think so., Read no because you cannot be still AND trust me you wont want to. You are provoking a crash so is not like you can read while you are feeling miserable. The funny thing is I can walk and push thorough 2 or 3 miles before I feel this bad with exercise and is after a few hours. With this exercise it takes 6min to crash me. Is so much harder than exercise. But is not a bad crash, I feel more blood flow to brain when Done.
This is an interesting approach. My understanding is that we are likely already working with reduced blood supply, most of the time.

The exercise is to stand, but you don't have to be still? Are you allowed to lean against anything, or is that 'cheating'?
I don't lean and I try not to move. First day was pretty bad but Now I can do the 8 minutes w/o feeling bad, So I guess is progress. My OI in general is better not sure if it is because the training. This training is on top of salt, electrolytes.... I also been working hard on increasing blood volume liver and clams like there is no tomorrow.

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