OI training (tilt training) Update

So I am up to 20min the twice a day I cheat sometimes. If I have to cook at night there is no way I can do the night session (I count the standing stirring pots as my session) or when I am juicing. NOT RECOMMENDED this is not right, I just don't have all the time to do it all so I am cheating some days.

I can definitely see an improvement on my OI symptoms. In the sense that I can stand longer in regular life w/o paying for it. Still have not try to exercise but I feel I am ready for it. Now I am doing more walking in general life that counts as CFS exercise, Like I walked a whole block back and forth to my car. I am going up the stairs at work If I have to, More stairs and more house chores too.

Memory and brain fog is kinda weird but I think is LDN Vs OI this time, I have more speed in brain and I have quick comebacks very unlike the lasts years, but brain is so numb that I don't remember much or I am not very conscious of things, hard to explain but like sleep walking.

I am having some dizziness which I think some people have on LDN but who knows if is OI. Like everything with us is trial and error and guesstimations!!!


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