oh well

So it seems that my energy benefits were mostly due to the pregnenelone. At least I stopped this, and my energy has suffered much from that. The reason I stopped is because of its androgenic effects plus it made me irritable. I really want to get this energy back but i guess i have to take it in tandem with some other hormones, or even reduce the dose even more, or find something to counter the formation of androgens.
I am now on 300mg 5 htp and I am dreaming every night now, which is pretty awesome :D
I have the idea that my brain works slightly better so I think the acetyl carnitine (which I started again 10 days ago) is finally catching up with me.


sorry to hear that leaves.
Its such a pity that so much that helps in some way, does negative things in another way. Hopefully your brain will stay better some
Yeah it is never easy, is it. However I am still much better than I have been. I just have to figure out something else to help my energy. Carnitine fumarate was great too energy wise but I prefer acetyl carnitine for the brain power it gives is badly needed ..
I get good benifits from Pregenelone also. I have my hormones balanced so they all work together. I always take Carniclear (l-Carnitine liquid) every day. I feel great with it also. 5HTP is good too. I take it morning and evening. So glad you feel better.

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