Night Three

Slept fairly badly last night, prior to my evening dose I was actually feeling super tired so I basically didn't bother taking any melatonin, which come to think of it was possibly a bit dumb considering it's in Josh's protocol. Even so I try not to take melatonin if I feel I just don't need it.

However after taking my evening dose I felt quite awake, just restless as opposed to wide awake/wired. So it was difficult nodding off but it did come. My sore throat also seemed to go away last night, which I am thankful for as I really loath this symptom and see it as a very bad sign when it's around!

So I am hoping the sore throat stays away today. Generally I woke up with some very mild fatigue, but really I just felt rough, not completely washed out, just a lot more tired then the preceding 3 days.

The new reishi extract should arrive in the next few days, but today I took the lions mane + the oat bran and my existing pukka branded reishi. So I will monitor and note down my immune response. So far over the last 3 days the immune response hasn't been very strong, which makes me worry that either I don't have much to clear down, or the protocol isn't working.

One thing I did today was precisely weigh out the egcg so it was dead on 25mg, instead of ballparking it. Maybe this will help.

I also costed up the full protocol yesterday and for me + everything else I take it came to £230 a month.


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