Night 9

Got into bed at about 7.30 last night as I was just exhausted. This was after exertion and felt like an immune response on the whole, although it is very difficult to actually tell the two apart. All I know is I woke up thismorning without any muscle fatigue but still suffering in terms of the after effects of the immune response, that or my body is still clearing viral particles.

If the theory is right, beta glucans stir up the immune response, this exposes the virus and then the triterpenes destroy the herpes veridai viral particles. I say destroy, they might just block viral replication. I did some research into this and found a few studies but don't have them to hand.

So it might make sense that without the triterpenes, you just feel "woken up" but if your immune system doesn't work very well, that might not be enough to "get you well".

I had a strange sore throat in the night, a lump that was sore in my throat, as opposed to a sore throat at the back or front of the tonsils. It was an odd sensation, but could be akin to ebv in terms of the mono phase mentioned.

Also I've started to really look forward to the daily doses, I feel like they are doing me good and I am gradually (slowly) getting small chinks of light in terms of tiny improvements. There so small I could be imagining them, but hopefully not. I also woke up happier and more chipper than usual but felt really tired, arguably not ME fatigued, just tired.


It could also be that the immune system can already 'see' the virus or rather latently infected cells, but the virus produced something that disables Apoptosis, so the immune system have no way to kill the virus cells, even though it knows they are there. I really did read several of Joshuas papers and its probably explained in their but it seems to go into my brain then most goes out again a few hours later lol. Didn't used to be like this before I became ill.

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