Night 54

Slept pretty well last night. As a very much last ditch attempt to attack whatever infection I've got in my throat/neck. As while I feel better I still feel sick and just cannot get rid of it completely.

I started researching natural anti biotics. I've wanted to buy these for ages. Well over a year. But the cost put me right off. As it happens I bought some natural anti biotic last year. But this is when I had ebv and at the time I had no idea. So somewhat unsurprisingly it didn't work because I believe my body couldn't kill the bacteria I had and stop the ebv replicating. Without steroids and anti biotics and all sorts.

So last night I found out I had some left over cryptolepis upstairs. According to Buhner this stuff is one of nature's best anti biotics because it gets into all the organs and tissues. It's dispersed fully in the body within an hour and it may even get into the bone but I couldn't find a reference for that. It kills most resistant strains of bacteria mrsa staph etc and some strep strains. So I figured it should be a good idea. I also bought powdered cryptolepis capsules and a tincture of bidens pilosa. Bidens is another anti biotic.

I started the cryptolepis last night. Before dosing I just felt sick, lethargic and a bit run down with these odd symptoms in my neck and throat.

While dosing my throat irritation went away, I got weakness/stiffness in my jaw which I've also had the entire time I've been taking Andrographis and lauricidin but not nearly as strongly. I also felt like it was going after something behind my jaw. I became extremely sleepy and my whole body slumped. After an hour or two I also felt some aches mainly dull ones in pockets of my body.

With the recent research showing mycotoxins and the fact we already know many of us might be carrying strep. It got me wondering what these dull aches in pockets of my body could be. It wasn't nerve pain so it was characteristically different.

After dosing I actually felt a bit brighter. This came on an hour or two maybe three hours later. I had a little more energy felt slightly happier and not quite as sick. I'll see if that was a coincidence today.

After waking up today my sore throats prerrt much gone. But it's been getting better for 3 days anyway. So I'll carry on with the cryptolepis. I've got some powdered capsules on order which should allow me to have a more potent batch ready to take at a high dose. I think this might get me back to where I was pre jab. But it will also be an interesting experiment to see if it anecdotally at least kills some other kind of pathogen in my body. As it has a very high dispersal rate it gets to almost all tissues anyway which is definitely what you need with an anti biotic.

Lastly cryptolepis is very safe to take every day. Which is often what they do in ghana to stave off malaria. Artemesia annua is of course another herb that they use to keep malaria at bay. Often drinking the tea.

So I woke up at 8am today I actually feel quite energetic. Will see if thats just a placebo. I have no idea how long to take the bidens or cryptolepis for but they seem safe long term anyway and no patient in the human studies ever reported any side effects so maybe it only kills bad bacteria? Amazing if so.


Yep. You can get them from Napier's herbalist in Edinburgh. They will post to the rest of the UK. But they can't post to Europe anymore because of brexit.

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