Night 5

Didn't feel completely well yesterday. Felt like my weakness which I had almost got rid of prior to starting the protocol had come back.

I crashed after exertion in the early morning and continued to crash all night. Still crashing now more or less. Whole body had bad muscle fatigue, bad dizziness, swollen glands and lymph nodes around the head but also elsewhere. Just a generally bad crash really. Haven't crashed like this for a long time so not exactly very optimistic at the moment.

I personally feel like this protocol isn't doing much for me. While I seemed to feel better the first few days. I think my overall strength got worse after I incorporated all the other things. I'll have to stay on it awhile though to really know if this is my imagination or not.

But a crash like this normally takes 1 to 2 weeks to recover from.


Possibly but it was directly proportional to excercise in = PEM out. However after I took my first dose as I said on the follow up blog I felt distinctly worse due to the tablets but also a little better in terms of fatigue at the same time. So be interesting to see how it all plays out. My brain still seems to function which is interesting.

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