Night 4

Slept badly but it was more tossing and turning all night on the whole. I tend to feel very warm at night at the moment, like I'm slightly over heating. This isn't remotely a fever but could be a hormonal shift or an immune/hormonal shift increasing my body temp. I also slept in the spare bed last night which as I suspected didn't really help me sleep all that much. I also took 3mg of melatonin before bed and it had no effect.

Normally melatonin sooths me into sleep after 30 minutes. So something is definitely over stimulating me. I do think the green tea extract has caffiene in it, so that's offending item number one. I think I will have to buy the LFE version, another £25!!

Woke up without fatigue, but didn't exactly leap out of bed. Dry mouth improved after more water last night, I put a ulcer patch on my tongue before bed, which gradually dissolves as I sleep. This has helped heal it a tiny bit but ultimately it's still quite raw and very red and angry. Not sure when this will stop as I am sure it's linked to immune response.


seemed like I had a bit of trouble sleep also, ended up watching videos of people sticking magnets to their vaccine sites.

I think theres 15 to 25mg of caffeine in each of these True Veda pills, which seems similar to average cup of tea. I took 7 yesterday and I already drink 5+ cups of tea per day.
Yeah caffeine always messed up my adrenals so I cut all caffeine out of my diet in early 2018. So I am not thrilled about having any in it. I need to buy the LFE decaf green tea you suggested soon.

Just tossing and turning all night, not wide awake just can't sleep properly. Very annoying. I never really had major sleep issues with my ME though after the first year, it was more woke up several times a night rather than anything else.

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