Night 36

I've had a sore throat for a few days, not the typical ME sore throat, this ones been more like tonsillitis or something. Anyway I checked my tonsils and throat last night to find it was all pretty red raw and my tonsils were quite swollen. Fairly convinced I might have a strep infection as my throat feels sore and my tonsils are swollen and last night it was a little painful.

Anyway I have tried everything for strep (before the doctor...get given anti biotics), I'm also allergic to most anti biotics, apart from clindamycin. So I have tried a lot of natural treatments, bathed the tonsils on coconut oil 3x a day for 20 minutes, tried augustifolia tincture on the offending area (I think that made it worse), I've tried andrographis to no effect and have tried several other things like garlic lozenges and the like. The last one being disgusting to be honest. Of course I've tried honey and lemon and all those bull**** strep treatments too.

I realised a long time ago if you couldn't stop the infection or reduce the inflammation you were kind of stuffed which got me to researching Lauricidin last night, as a very much last ditch attempt at finding something that will work. Turns out Lauricidin is highly effective against gram positive bacteria and all strep strains in Vitro. While I can't be sure about it's in vivo effects it does produce a fairly strong immune reaction when I take it and I am not feeling very well. I've also had it work on tummy bugs and thrush before now so I figured it might work for this. I've started to take it as of last night and woke up thismorning feeling quite a ot better. So will continue take it for a few days.

As an aside I think if it wasn't for this infection I'd be feeling pretty good as the reishi seemed to give me an energy boost last night. But I also had a very swollen neck, throat etc, just feels like the infection is in these tissues, but my body is gradually removing it. So hopefully tonsils next and then that will be gone!!

The swelling in my tonsils is certainly not that noticeable today when swollowing so that's great.

So didn't sleep that well but that's because I woke up slightly sweating and a bit warm. I also had a headache all night, which never happens, so definitely an infection.
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