Night 33

Was pretty exhausted when I went to sleep. Took some glycine and vitamin c later than usual, got into bed. Started to get even more tired. Put some diclofenic gel on my knee and then 20 minutes later that knocked me out, I just fell asleep. Was asleep for about 10 hours. But glad I got the sleep. My body or maybe mind? Did try to wake up at one point but that was about it.

Thing is I didn't even take any melatonin or 5-htp, the diclofenic gel just knocked me out. So I may have to do that again ha!

Aches and pains were pretty before I went to bed and my joints keep locking up while I am asleep, but that seemed to start a few days ago so I am not sure what that is being caused by, bit odd.

Also woke up fatigued in the legs thismorning, dizzy and feeling a bit shitty. Got stuff to do today and tomorrow, so will be a little lighter on the dosing but following the same pattern none the less. Light around hte beta glucan dosing that is nothing else.

Before I forget this is only the second week of the covid 2nd jab, so probably immune system is a bit more intense than before.

I am going to take 200mg egcg thismorning and tomorrow am as I have quite a lot on and need my PEM to be completely blocked really so it makes the next few days bearable and I am able to function in work on Monday.


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