Night 31

Egcg dose is still 125mg and even though this buffers PEM i can recover from walking or exertion if I just skip a days activity the next day and drink a lot of water and follow my diet and take all the tablets. It goes without saying that the egcg is the primary driver (for me) at managing my fatigue levels. Even one higher dose gives me an energy boost for 4 hours and reduces fatigue symptoms. But doesn't effect inflamation or tissue swelling.

The inflamation and tissue swelling seems to be controlled by the r-ala and to a lesser extent the glycine and nac. Suspect the nac reduces brain inflamation more than anything else. I believe Pyrrhus posted a study about this a week or two again on a thread about nac.

The only side effect so far which might be unrelated is that since the temperature here went up and I've been getting as much vitamin D as I can I've got loads of excema on my fingers. There small transparent bumps on the side of two or three of my fingers. If I itch them they become itchy. I've been managing this with double base cream.
I've also got small red spots on my left leg and my right. According to Google! This is blood that's rose to the surface of the skin. It's definitely not a rash of any sort.
At some point if it doesn't fade I'll have to go see my GP but I'm hoping a little light excercise in a week or two will knock this on the head.

As I haven't excercised in nearly 5 years with a very brief bout at the 4 year mark for about a month (which was low level) I do wonder what effect that's had on my body.

Also the marks on my legs seemed to appear before I started the protocol about a month or two ago.


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